Mara Trails Camp

Mara Trails is an ecotourism and conservation organization that is committed to build awareness on the importance of conservation and to reconnect people with nature through the medium of photography and videography. We provide luxury tented camps in the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve with environmentally conscious hospitality.

The camp will serve multiple functions to support and train photo/film makers to tell the story of the African savannah. We provide customized vehicles to experience the ultimate photo/film safari with immediate access to wildlife from sunrise to sunset.

We work towards various methods on the empowerment of the women in Maasai Mara and we are committed to providing employment and educational support to the Maasai community.

“This camp is the perfect family getaway destination to enjoy the beauty of the wild. Get a chance to experience the wilderness and go back home with loads of great memories.”

Why Choose Us

In the Heart of Mara

The camp is in the middle of Maasai Mara National Reserve which gives easy access to the wilderness around. We are committed to a way of life that does not harm the environment and the surrounding wildlife.

World Class Service

The camp provides the ultimate luxury experience. Each tent has comfortable beds, sit back and enjoy our delicious food, learn about animals from our experienced guides, and photograph Africa’s abundant wildlife.

Giving Back

We are happy to dedicate 50% of the camp profit to empowering the Maasai community. This includes education of children, employment for women, water supply in the villages, women's hygiene support, etc.

Successful Year

Happy Customers

Amazing Safaris


Community Support

From Our Happy Guests

  • We had the best time in Mara Trails with yummy varieties of food, game drives by experienced safari guides, the beautiful location of the camp, and spacious tents with excellent matress.
    Glenn Gomez
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    Christina Hardy
    Marketing Manager
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    Jane Bennett